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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happily Ever After: Roy & Belinda Part II: The Tea Ceremony

You know what's crazier than everyday life? Everyday life back in the OLD DAYS. These days, people can get married of by an over-the-hill Elvis in a Las Vegas drive-by chapel, complete with pictures and tacky certificate. But back in the old days, things weren't so straightforward. Want to get married? Your family opens a secret tender to see which wench can offer the most to your family. Marry for love? Forget it. They used to marry for compatibility, which strangely enough, is a pretty decent formula for domestic success, rather than that strange concept of love.

Once your bride has been chosen, that's when the real fun begins.

7 days of celebration. You heard me. The whole village is going to get this wedding rubbed squarely on their neighbourly faces. For 7 whole days. That's not so bad considering that they're helping out as well. Within this 7 days, the bride and groom undergo the most gruelling of preparation as well as traditional and superstitious practices that would make the application to the Navy S.E.A.Ls seem like a walk in the park. But it was grand, oh yes it was. Something people will be talking about in the years to come.

"Remember when so-and-so got hitched?" "Oh yes, what a grand event!" Et cetera.

Sadly, today, much of these traditional practices are all but disappearing, taking with it a large chunk of culture which has enriched much of our human history. But there is hope, in a select few individuals who make it their personal mission to ensure that this rich part of our history does not go down without a fight.

Then Roy Quah and Belinda Pinto comes into the picture. Roy by having Peranakan heritage and Belle being of Portuguese descent, this couple is no stranger to traditional practices. This loving couple wanted to make their special day totally memorable by having a full-on Peranakan wedding!

A week earlier they participated in the Peranakan 'Hantaran' where the groom brings gifts to the bride's house, as a sign of his sincerity and his capability of taking care of Daddy's little girl. This week is the massively elaborate Peranakan Tea-Ceremony. Similar to the regular Chinese tea-ceremony, this is all about paying respects to your elders. No forgetting 'ang-pow' of course.

Photos! Or it didn't happen! OK then, here you go.

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  1. Hi Roy @ Belinda,
    Great photographs and video, only sorry we were unable to be with you both on your special day.

    Many Blessings and lots of love

  2. congratulation roy n balinda....semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu......rizalrazaai.

  3. Hello Roy and Belinda, I love the photos and video (just seen them). Not been on internet lately. Wish I was there, truly. Will be in touch shortly.

    Lots of love and xxxxxx