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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happily Ever After: Roy & Belinda Part I: The Hantaran

I had the honour of planning and shooting the entire wedding for Messrs. Roy & Belinda, all four parts of it. A big 'thank you' to the lovely couple for the opportunity. As you are well aware - I always deliver, especially the emotional content. All what emotional content there was! Allow me the pleasure to present to you:-

Part I: The Hantaran

Traditionally, the 'Hantaran', or gifts/offerings are provided by the Groom to the Bride and her family. I think it has something to do with the Groom 'compensating' the Bride's family for stealing their daughter away. Or maybe it is to show the sincerity of the Groom. These gifts consist of, among others, brand new Peranakan shoes and a set of Baju Kebaya (a traditional Peranakan women's outfit). The blessed couple did not want to blow this traditional event to astronomical proportions, choosing instead to keep the whole event family-focused, cool and casual.

I arrived at the Bride's house early in the morning. Her family, the Pintos, were very warm and welcoming, immediately offering me food and coffee. I like them already. Anyone who offers me coffee early in the morning, can be my best friend (in this case, my best friend would be Belinda's momma).

As the Hantaran arrived, I was poised to digitally document the whole thing. Parcel after parcel was handed over to Belinda's dad, known as 'Uncle', and my best friend. Coincidentally, the local Char Koey Teow seller is called 'Uncle' as well. True story.

Once each and every one of the 12 Hantaran items were handed over to Uncle, the Pintos collectively arranged said Hantaran on their long dinner table. As much of the Hantaran were food this somehow made a lot of sense. You now have oodles of food on your table. Whaddayado? If your answer is 'dance around the bonfire wearing ocelot fur at the stroke of midnight', you'd be wrong.

Enjoy the photos. I know I enjoyed taking them!

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